Collection    2024

Voyag Hypnotic

The 2024 collection is an invitation to travel, where illusion merges with reality.
The creations unveil a captivating array of colors and patterns, thanks to new customization options - the pillar of our participative creative approach.
Independent design unfolds its full force and originality.

"Creativity weaves dreams that take us on a journey where reality reveals itself in a thousand shades."

The signature Monogram tote reinvents itself for a new season with stunning color schemes. Customization options are now multiplied to unleash creativity.


Code reversal!

The monogram is also available in a Mini version, accessorized with a terry cloth shoulder strap and matching pouch. Two customization options are available.

The Perfect Illusion

"the most hypnotic travel
is the one that takes us
from illusion to reality".

Meticulous weaving plays with natural materials to create striking optical illusions. The recycled plastic of our tote bags is elegantly transformed into raffia and denim canvas thanks to the trompe-l'oeil design, the fruit of passionate creative energy and exceptional craftsmanship.

This new weave is also revealed on a new iconic bag format, the mini bucket.


Sporty & Beachy

"Every journey of the mind is a blank canvas for creativity. At the heart of illusion lies a new horizon to explore where reality awakens."

Terry Towel is our latest creation. With an aesthetic that subtly evokes athleisure and beachwear in Quiet Luxury refinement, the new oversized and reversible bucket bags stand out for their complete customization, from fabric colors to meticulously embroidered messages.


More than just accessories, our creations are imagined and shaped to tie an exceptional bond with our customers, awakening singular emotions while leaving a memorable imprint.

Colors and patterns create an extraordinary design where every detail tells a unique story and expresses a passion for design.

Limited editions with iconic locations reinforce the sense of exclusivity so coveted by our customers, completing the exceptional experience we offer them.

Leslie Sulman, Art Director

Since 2010, Leslie Sulman has been at the forefront of trends, offering eye-catching and trend-setting jewellery & accessories collections throughout the seasons.

Ephemeral tattoos, Face Jewels, Metallic Tie, 100% recycled plastic bags, Micro-Bags and now a line of ostrich feather jewellery, her playful and original creations regularly trigger a WOW effect among her customers.
An outstanding colourist, all her collections are designed and entirely personalised by her in her Parisian workshop-showroom in the 8th arrondissement.

Sensitive, instinctive and daring with a resolutely atypical style, Leslie Sulman has collaborated with her label "Skin Feelings" with prestigious brands (Piaget, Free People, Reminiscence, Kenzo Parfums, Jimmy Choo, Printemps Paris...) while gaining the trust of hundreds of retailers in France and internationally.

10 years after her debut, Leslie Sulman is opening a new and exciting chapter with her eponymous brand.

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