Full Metal


Set of 3 enamelled metal bracelets in mosaic, chevron and bars matching the shiny finish.
To be worn alone or in accumulation, without clasps, they can be worn in a blink of an eye while adapting to the size of each wrist thanks to their mounting on an elastic fiber.

Height of beads / width of bracelet: 8 + 8 + 10 mm

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The beads are made of a zinc alloy and painted in assorted colours with a glossy or matt finish depending on the model.


Each bracelet is mounted on an elastic fiber. They are therefore One Size Only
Diameter: 17, 5 cm


Slight variations in colour may appear depending on the model, due to the different paint baths between each manufacture.


Due to their enamelled nature, it is possible to see some wear marks appear over time.

To take care of this jewel, please follow these recommendations:
- Avoid contact with water
- Avoid contact with perfumes/alcohols.
- Avoid overlapping them with other metal bracelets that could scratch them.
- Avoiding blows

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